11 Things That Happen When Your Dad is Also Your Teacher-ABC Day 20

My dad was my teacher for 10 of the years I was in school, and he was principal the whole time I was in school. There were some things I liked about that, and some things that I didn’t.

Here are 11 things that happen when your dad is also your teacher/principal.

  1. If you keep quiet, you can learn a lot of juicy information.

    If you don’t say anything on the way home from church, sometimes your parents forget that you’re still in the car. You hear conversations at home that you probably shouldn’t. It helps when you live in an old farmhouse where sound carries well. Sometimes you only hear snippets of a conversation and have to extrapolate the rest. Sometimes you guess correctly, and sometimes you’re very very wrong.

  2. Old things from school find their way to your home and vice versa.

    The fabric left over from covering the bulletin boards came to your house, and you made a skirt out of it. The old blue chair from school sat at your house for several years after it was done being used at school. On the other hand, all of your family’s old computers went to school, and the kids in the little classroom would watch home videos where you hosted a “circus” and tossed stuffed animals through a hula hoop.

  3. Your dad always asks you questions about what you see going on at school.

    Dinner conversations sometimes consist of him asking “Do you see _______ going on at school?” and you have to sit there debating whether or not to tell him that you’re one of the ones doing the thing because you know he wouldn’t want you to.

  4. If someone gets in trouble, your fellow students assume you were the one who told.

    You have the most direct path to the principal, so it MUST have been you, right?
    This almost makes it hard to tell anyone in your family about what happens at school, because if someone gets in trouble everyone knows it’s your fault.

  5. You always have to stay late after school functions.

    Because your dad was in charge of the school Christmas program, you have to stay around and help clean up long after your friends have left.

  6. “Teacher’s Pet” is the worst insult.

    But mostly because you have a sinking feeling that it might be true. In all honesty, you’re just a great student because you have a teacher to help you with your problems 24/7.

  7. Getting in Trouble can feel super awkward.

    When you’re sitting in front of your dad after doing something wrong, you’re never sure if he’s disappointed in you as a student or as a daughter (or son).

  8. Your dad notices random grammar mistakes.

    One time my dad was reading the paper, and all of the sudden he says very loudly, “OH NO!” Emily, Mom, and I frantically began asking him what was wrong, but all he could say was, “OH NO!” Finally, after enough of us questioning him about what was going on he said, “That was a terrible dangling modifier!”

  9. When you’re going on field trips, you have to sit in the front seat.

    When everyone gets in the van if there’s not enough room in the back you have to be the one to sit in front with your dad because “He’s your dad.” When you do make it into the backseat, you end up sitting back there all alone because everyone else got dropped off first, and it feels like you’re being chauffeured around.

  10. You get two perspectives on what’s going on at school, and you feel torn.

    You hear all of the administration’s side of why your friend is getting in trouble, and it makes sense, but your friend also talks to you about how unfair it is that she got in trouble, and her side of things also makes sense.

  11. You appreciate what teachers and principals do.

    You’ve seen firsthand how much they pour into students, and you understand how long it can take before they get thanked for it. Ultimately, you love being a teacher’s kid, and you wouldn’t have it any other way.


Well, that’s it for today folks. I hope you can relate if your parent is a teacher or principal.



This was day 20 of the April Blogging Challenge. You can find day 19 on Mom’s blog, and stay tuned for day 21 on  Amy’s blog.

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