5 Things I’ve Been Learning Lately-ABC Day 17

I once heard someone say “If you’re not learning something new every day, you’re doing it wrong.” I don’t know if this is 100% true, but I do feel as though I’ve been learning a lot lately. Here’s some of what I’ve been learning.

  1.  Biology (especially genetics) is super cool.

    In my Biology class we’ve been covering mitosis, meiosis, and genetics, and it’s absolutely fascinating. Yesterday we were learning about how there are 3 possible alleles for your ABO blood type, but only 2 can be present at a time. We also talked about a Bombay phenotype of blood, where a person has alleles for either A or B blood but has recessive genes for the substance h that attaches the A or B antigens to the cell. When the blood is tested, it appears to be O blood, but if the person receives O blood, their red blood cells will release O antibodies and the blood will clump up, and the person will die.

  2. I can talk to new people, even though its hard for me

    Even though I’m very extroverted, I’m really bad at meeting new people, and I tend to assume that other people don’t really want to talk to me. A month or two ago one of my teachers gave us the assignment of doing something that pushed us out of our comfort zone and then doing a presentation on it. I chose to talk to someone new every day for 5 days. It was a struggle at first and it took me several tries before I managed to do it. Ultimately I learned that I should put my phone down more if I want to meet new people, and people are more willing to talk to me than I think they’ll be.

  3. I can maybe handle being in a class on discrete mathematics.

    I signed up for a class this term called “Elements of Discrete Mathematics.” I didn’t really know what it was, but it’s required for my major, so I figured I might as well do it now. When I saw that the required textbook was called Mathematical Structures For Computer Science I freaked out a little, because computer science scares me. It just seems like everyone who learns that sort of thing already knows it. When I showed up to the class, there was only one other girl in the class, and everyone looked like they already knew what was up. However, once the teacher started teaching I realized that what we’re learning is actually really fun and I could understand what was going on. I also realized that just because my classmates looked like they knew what was up didn’t mean they actually did.

  4. What seems like the best thing might not be.

    I’m in the process of reading David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell, so this idea has been on my mind a lot. In the book, he talks about how sometimes the things we think are advantages actually are disadvantages, and some of the things we think of as disadvantages are actually advantages. One example that he discusses is how good students will get into Harvard and go into STEM fields but will usually hit a point where they realize that they’re no longer the best student because everyone there got into Harvard. According to Gladwell, it’s better to be a great student at a good school than a good student at a great school.

  5. Investing in friendships is important.

    I’ve been realizing this more and more as I’ve gotten more tied up with college. I’m discovering that spending time with your friends is important, and friendships are worth investing in. I tend to let college always take priority over friendships, but in all honesty, I can do both if I want to. I’m learning that I can do well in college and invest in friendships if I’m willing to prioritize my time wisely, spending time on homework as well as with my friends.
    Also, Emily had a good post about investing in friendships, which you can read here.

While there are other things I’ve been learning, these things have been on my mind the most.

What have you been learning lately?



This was Day 17 of the April Blogging Challenge. You can find Day 16 here, on Mom’s blog. Stay tuned for Day 18 here, on Emily’s blog.

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