My Day (With Pictures)-ABC Day 13

*before I start, some of these pictures are super blurry, but they’ll just have to do*

Today was a busy one, but it started out nice and slow with a cup of coffee and my morning devotions.

20180410_064244 (1)

This was followed by scrolling through my Instagram feed, writing a birthday card for my friend Janane, and a few random things online that I needed to do.

Then it was time to go to school. My first class was Math, where I had a quiz that I was absolutely not prepared for. I forgot that we had the option of using a note card for the test, and hadn’t spent the time preparing for it that I should have. Thankfully the lowest quiz score gets dropped, so if I put in more effort on the next quizzes I should be good. I didn’t take any picture of the class itself, but I did take a picture of myself trying to look regretful. However, instead of looking regretful, I ended up just looking stupid, so that picture isn’t going to grace the blog.

After I did a bit of homework, I decided to splurge and get lunch at the fine establishment that is McDonald’s.


Enter a caption


I had Biology next. We’re learning about genetics, and it’s absolutely fascinating. Yesterday we learned that the probability of you being exactly like you are based on independent assortment alone is 1/64,000,000,000,000 which is just crazy and makes me think about how amazing it is that God had in mind for me to be me, even though the chances are so slim.

After Biology (Which I also forgot to take pictures of) I drove up to Jr. Convention with a stop along the way to get gas.

20180413_140620 (1).jpg

Jr. Convention is basically a smaller version of Convention for younger kids.

I was able to watch some of the platform events.20180413_155106

As well as some sporting events.

I was able to hang out with Janane, Sierra, and Ashley, which was a lot of fun.

And I also got to see some friends from regionals!


And then I drove home, where I’m writing this.

This certainly wasn’t the most riveting post, but it’s late and today was busy.

Hopefully next time I can give you a post with a little more meat to it.




This was Day 13 of the April Blogging Challenge. Read Day 12 here, and stay tuned for Day 14 here.

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