Half-formed Ideas About Preparation-ABC Day 6

I procrastinated real hard when it came to writing this blog post. I finished all my homework, applied for a scholarship, attempted to pay for my tuition, and read everything in my Google Drive called “Untitled Document.”

This last one was slightly inspired by Emily’s post about things that lurk in Google Drive. While I was lurking, I found this, which accurately summed up how I was feeling about this post at that moment.


What do people even want to know?

What do I even do?\


No but seriously, what have I been thinking about?

Annoying female characters

The things we do today are preparing us for the days ahead

How is what I’m doing now preparing me for later?

I don’t know, but I can just feel it.

I’m guessing I was trying to find something to write about like I am now, but I don’t know what I was trying to write. Often when I’m trying to come up with ideas I’ll just type whatever pops into my head until I find something. Generally, it will help me to sort out all the half-formed ideas that my brain seems to enjoy hanging on to.

During the time I wrote this, I had begun to feel as though God was telling me that this was a time of preparation for me, my full potential was yet to come to fruition, I was training for something greater. At the time, this encouraged me. I felt like I was doing so many cool things already, surely what’s coming must be even grander than I can imagine.

College is already so much about preparing for the future, it feels natural to also think of it as a time of preparation for my future ministry, whatever that may be. Preparation implies practice and practicing means that you aren’t perfect yet, but you’re working to be better. When I think of my time in college as preparation, I don’t beat myself up for making mistakes, but I continually strive to be better.

I’m realizing now that I don’t really have a point to all this, but I think I’ll share it anyway, because currently everything in my head is only a half-formed idea, and I need to post something tonight.

So, yeah, sometimes, you will have times of preparation, rather than times of fruition, and that’s okay, if not necessary. Embrace the preparation period.


This was day 6 of the April Blogging Challenge. You can read yesterday’s post here, and keep an eye out for tomorrow’s post here.

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