Things I Think About

Saturday was my last day of driving a combine for the summer.

In case you didn’t know, this is what a combine is:


You drive it down the windrows of grass seed and it separates the grass seed from the stalk.

It’s pretty nifty, but driving a combine involves long hours spent alone in a cab with a lot of time to think about things and listen to the radio. So anyway, here are some of the things I thought about while I was driving a combine.

Mayonnaise is really weird. First off, what even is it? (Oil, egg yolk, and vinegar or lemon juice) Second, why do we SPREAD mayonnaise out, but all the other condiments we just squirt onto the sandwich/burger? Third, does anyone pronounce it like it’s spelled? Does anyone say it like “May-O-Naze” or does everyone say “Maa-Naze” like me? So, yeah, mayonnaise is pretty weird.

I ended up thinking a lot about O.J. Simpson, because he was talked about on the radio a lot for a few days. I’ve find the story of O.J. extremely fascinating, but up until this point I’d always though of him as that dude who probably murdered his wife, but listening to all these people share their opinions about him made me realize how pivotal his trial was for a lot of people. I’d never realized how racial issues played into it, or why he was never charged with murder when it seemed so obvious that he was guilty, but now I do.

I thought about seasons, and how in some seasons I have to accept that I won’t have time to do anything besides drive a piece of machinery back and forth and back and forth, and that’s okay. Some seasons are times of preparation, ¬†others are times for relaxation, and still others are times of implementation.

There were other things I though about, but they were mostly things like “I really have to use the bathroom.” and “I hope that’s dust I see and not smoke.” but those things are a little harder to elaborate on.

Anyway, that’s it for today folks.