11 Things All Pastors’ Kids Know to be True

My dad was ordained as a pastor of the church that I attend before I was born, so I have spent my entire life being a pastor’s kid. I feel like I have enough experience as a PK to say that there are some things that all Pastors’ Kids know to be true.

There are 11, to be exact.


1. You end up going to every. single. church service.

You go to the Sunday morning service, the Sunday evening service, Wednesday night prayer meeting, and if there’s any sort of special meeting, you go to that too. Since your dad is the pastor, he has to go, so he’s taking his family with him.


2. Some Sundays you wait in the car for what feels like hours because your dad is still busy talking to people.

That one person just felt an urgent need to spend half an hour talking to him about how that one line he said wasn’t completely accurate. Meanwhile, you sit in the hot car thinking about how you’re so hungry and considering how bad it would be to eat the ketchup in the fridge of the church kitchen.


3. Being talked about in a sermon is horribly embarrassing

Did your dad REALLY have to tell EVERYONE that you told him he should at least try to finish his sermons by noon?!?! You can feel everyone’s eyes on you and the little kid in front of you turns around and gives you this look, like, “Wow. You really did that? Shame on you.”


4. But you also know that you’re one of the few people who can actually tell him he’s being too long winded.

Not many people besides the pastor’s kids, and the pastor’s wife can frankly tell him what he needs to change about his sermons.


5. You end up knowing way more about what’s going on in the church than your peers.

You know who got a talking to from the ministers, and who’s complaining about how short the girls’ sleeves are. Unfortunately, you have promised to keep your mouth shut regarding this, and can’t tell your friends like you want to.


6. Christmas time is the BEST.

Christmas is when all the church families shower your family with all sorts of goodies and treats. It’s around this time that you start to think, “You know, being a PK isn’t too bad.”


7. You can’t bother your dad on Saturday nights.

Because if you do, the ending for Sunday’s sermon won’t be finished by the time it needs to be preached, and instead of ending in a concise matter, you dad will circle and circle without actually figuring out how to land the ending of his sermon, and you’ll end up getting out of church 15 minutes late.


8. People expect you to be a bit better than other kids.

This won’t always come from your parents so much as from the people you interact with. If you admit to doing something you maybe shouldn’t have, the first response is often, “But you’re a Preacher’s Kid!” People tend to forget that we’re just regular people who make regular person mistakes.


9. You’ll end up at all the random church events.

If there’s an anointing for a sick person in church, you’ll end up there. If there’s a potluck for the newly baptized people, you’ll be there. If there’s some event for a visiting minister, you’re there too. Not that you’re complaining, though. There’s generally food involved, so you don’t mind THAT much.


10. Pastors Appreciation Month can be really awkward.

You’re part of the pastor’s family, but you’re also part of the youth group. That means if youth group is planning anything for the pastors, you end up just doing it for your own parents, which can feel a little weird.


11. You will always be able to appreciate the work that a pastor does.

You, more than anyone else, understand how demanding being a pastor is. You know that it means hundreds of hours spent preparing sermons, visiting sick church members, and trying to smooth out sticky situations. You will never trivialize the work that a pastor does.



So there it is. My list of 11 things that all PKs will understand.

This was the final post of the April Blogging Challenge. If you missed any posts you can catch up on this blog, on my mom’s blog (here), and Emily’s blog (here)

I hope you have a blessed Sunday.



6 thoughts on “11 Things All Pastors’ Kids Know to be True

  1. Sigh, so sad that the April blogging challenge is over! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the month and reading each post!

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