Opal Creek

Today I went on a hike.


When it’s a beautiful and sunny Saturday, getting outdoors is a must, and today the destination was Opal Creek, a wilderness area located on the border of the Mt. Hood National Forest (at least according to Wikipedia).

A group of us set out at 10 ish this morning, drove for an hour and a half, and then hiked for about four hours in the sunshine.

Since the deadline for me posting this is fast approaching, ( I currently have 8 minutes to post this) I won’t be saying much, but I’ll share some of the pictures I took, and I hope you enjoy them.


Anyway, folks, that’s all I have time to say.

This was Day 15 of the April Blogging Challenge. You can catch Day 14 on Mom’s blog here, and Day 13 on Emily’s blog here



5 thoughts on “Opal Creek

      1. It looked a little sketchy, and the ground in it was covered in several inches of water, but a brave soul with waterproof shoes might be able to explore a little.

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