The Spider Story

To all of you out there who are like me in that you’re scared of spiders, this one’s for you.

As I was driving home from school today, just minding my own business, I suddenly realized that there was a spider on my dashboard. Now, this wasn’t the first time a spider had dared to set foot in my car, but in the past they’d always been small enough that a small scream and a few desperate whacks of a wallet would kill them. This spider, however, was made of sturdier stuff. Its fat body bristled with short hairs, its abdomen looked almost bee-like in its stripedness, and you could distinctly see it’s prominent and hairy mandibles.

Immediately I let loose a bloodcurdling scream and nearly swerved into the other lane of traffic. Every nerve in my body was on edge as I assessed the situation. It seemed like the logical thing to do would be to pull over and kill the spider, but I also knew that I wouldn’t be able to kill the spider myself. It’s a common thing for me to have trouble killing bugs of any kind for fear that I’ll miss, and the offended insect or spider will in turn try to kill me.

I decided the best thing to do would be to continue to drive home (I was only a few minutes away) and hope that the spider didn’t disappear or challenge me to a duel before I was able to locate someone to kill the spider for me. With this in mind I quickened my pace. As I drove, I loudly prayed “PLEASE GOD PLEASE MAKE THE SPIDER NOT MOVE!!!!” Then the spider would move and I would scream and continue, “OH PLEASE, JESUS, PLEASE TELL THE SPIDER TO NOT MOVE” A few times the spider would disappear, and I would freak out, only to find it re-appearing a few moments later. I declare, those few minutes it took to get home were some of the most stressful minutes of my life.

As soon as I arrived at home, I threw open my car door and charged into the house, only to find my mother having a tea party with some family friends. Out of breath and nearly to the point of tears I asked, “Is anyone here not afraid of spiders?”

Esther Mae stood up and said, “I’m not.”

“I need your help!” I replied frantically.

So the two of us rushed out to my car, and she calmly killed off the spider that had caused me so much stress and anxiety in the past 5 minutes.

So friends, if you’re afraid of spiders, I recommend you find a friend as awesome as Esther Mae.


This post was Day 12 of the April Blogging Challenge. You can find Day 11 on Mom’s blog here, and Day 10 on Emily’s blog here.





4 thoughts on “The Spider Story

  1. Great post! I am sure many can empathize with you! I don’t get hysterical, but I am not very fond of them, especially those whose fat bodies bristle with short hairs, and their abdomens looked almost bee-like in their stripedness, as well as having distinctly prominent and hairy mandibles!

  2. One small comment from a fellow sufferer from spider mania, whatever it’s called…THANKYOU for not posting a picture of the spider!!!

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