Morning Song


For Day 6 of the April Blogging Challenge, I’ve decided to share a poem that I wrote about a month ago, and attempted to polish up a bit today.

I hope you enjoy.


Morning Song

By Jenny Smucker


Every morning I arise

And look to greet the dawn.

And as Earth shed’s it’s dark disguise,

I faintly hear this song.


“Wake up darling, morning’s here,

The new day is a-breaking.

I promise there’s no need to fear

The steps that you’ll be taking.


“Don’t waste a moment of your life,

Make use of what you’re given,

For as you further climb your climb

You’ll only be more driven.


“So boldly go attack the day

And take the world by storm.

Throw your troubles far away,

And love will keep you warm.


“Then carry with you everywhere

That love for all around,

And if you can’t cause love’s not there,

It’s waiting to be found.


“Finally, darling, serve your God,

Without Him you will fail,

But guided by His staff and rod,

No doubt you will prevail.”


So with this song upon my heart,

And love within my soul,

I’ll greet the day with a fresh start

And living as my goal.



That’s it, folks. If you’d like to read more posts from the April Blogging Challenge, you can catch Emily’s here and Mom’s here.

I hope you all have a wonderful day.


5 thoughts on “Morning Song

  1. “For as you further climb your climb!” So fitting for today. I have to climb all the steps to the attic, to sort things to get rid of, that we’re sure our descendants won’t want to have to disperse with!

  2. I just finished reading your poem again. Then I did a little backtracking in your blog and read your account posted in March 2017 of your participation in this year’s ACE Student Convention. I remember your mother writing about this convention about a year ago. One of the things she mentioned was that you won a poetry award at that convention a year ago! I think it would be a great idea for you to bring your readers up to date in case there are some who did not realize that you are an award-winning poet! Please review for us your experience of winning that award, what it meant to you, perhaps your inner reaction, and a little about the winning poem itself. I’d love it. Thank you.

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