The Books That Changed Me (April Blogging Challenge)

Throughout my life, there have been 5 books that I can point to and say, that book changed the way that I looked at and lived my life. So today, I’m going to be sharing what those books are with you, and what it is that I loved about them.

Book #1

The Giver

By Lois Lowry

the giver

This was the one of the first Dystopian books I’d ever read, and it really impacted me. It made me love the emotions I felt, whether good or bad, and the things that made all of us different people. It helped me to appreciate seeing colors, hearing music, and feeling joy and pain.


Book #2


By Jerry Spinelli


This book taught me that being different is okay, even if people hate you for it. It gave me an insight into other people’s minds, and the way they thought, like I’d never really had before. This book gave me another perspective on how people’s minds work.


Book #3

The Outsiders

By S. E. Hinton

the outsiders

This book taught me to never judge other people by how they appear, that even the toughest, meanest looking people can have a soft heart. Also, it taught me that one person does not represent a whole group.


Book #5

To Kill a Mockingbird

Harper Lee


This book, like The Outsiders, taught me about not judging others for how they look. It also gave me an insight into what a racist society is like, and how horrible it is. Having grown up in a Mennonite community in Oregon, I had no space in my head for what that would be like until I read this book.

Book #5

The Book Thief

By Marcus Zusak

the book thief

This book. Oh my. It hits me right in the feels every time I read it. It gave me such a new perspective on Wartime Germany, and why people did what they did, and how thousands of people could believe that the horrible thing they were doing was right. It gave me a portal into another person’s mind in a way I had never experienced before. It was great.


So there you have it: the 5 books that have changed my life. Not coincidentally, they’re my 5 favorite books as well.

If you have never read them, I’d strongly recommend that you do so.

Also, if you can think of a book that changed you, tell me what it is! I’d love to read it.




P.S. Mom, Emily, and I have once again started blogging for the month of April, but this year we’re calling it the “April Blogging Challenge”  and we’ll be posting every day, not just weekdays. You can catch Mom’s posts here and Emily’s posts here.

Have a lovely Monday, everybody.



3 thoughts on “The Books That Changed Me (April Blogging Challenge)

  1. I recently read Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult. In some respects reminded me of To Kill a Mocking Bird, but a bit more current day.
    Thank you for the book titles you shared.

  2. Thanks for this selection. Three that God has really touched my heart with recently are: Having a Mary Spirit by Joanna Weaver; The Bait of Satan – Living Free From the Deadly Trap of Offense ; these two were life-changing and needed for me. And last Draw the Circle by Mark Batterson- not quite as life-changing but very good and challenging. Melody Hege

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