The Internet is in Love With Introverts

I am an extrovert. I love interacting with people, and that’s one of the ways that I get energy. I like to have a busy life, and I often think out loud. I also spend a lot of time on the internet, and it seems to me like us extroverts are misrepresented and under appreciated.

Maybe I’m just not looking in the right places, but it seems like everywhere I look there are memes and blog posts about “introvert struggles” and “hating any social interaction.” One gets the impression from social media that introverts are the better human beings because they don’t want to interact with other people all the time. They are portrayed as these deep deep thinkers who have the most beautiful thoughts and create the most beautiful art and writing.

The internet portrays extroverts as these crazy machines of human beings that can interact with anyone for hours on end, give everyone hugs, even if they don’t know them, and have the need to talk about literally everything that comes into their mind with literally everyone. It also gives the impression that extroverts are always asking introverts why they’re so quiet, or can’t stand the fact that an introvert might need some alone time.

While some people may actually be this way, I’m not, and many of the extroverts I know are not. I personally have trouble interacting with people. I love having friends, but making them can be a struggle for me. And while I love being with people, and I tend to get energy as I interact with people, I do sometimes need to spend time alone when I’ve  been with people all day. Also, I don’t mind at all if someone else doesn’t feel like talking or needs some space.

So, I guess my conclusion is, introverts and extroverts aren’t the way they appear online.

And, just so you know, I’m not trying to hate on introverts, I think you guys are great, but I think you’re great because you’re human beings, not because you “hate social interaction.”



Night Life: A Poem

One night as I was driving through the countryside, I got the idea for a poem. This is what it ended up being:



Night Life


When darkness falls over the farmland


The song of earth changes it’s tune,


For the world is peacefully silver


Under the light of the moon.




The trees whisper softly at twilight


With a melody born on the breeze.


It travels through willow and holly,


And continues on over the seas.




The birds say goodnight to their loved ones


Their wishes all carried in song.


“Goodnight my dear one, I love you.”


“Goodnight darling, sleep all night long.”




The crickets are starting their concert,


The orchestra’s just underway.


The woodwinds are busy and blowing,


And the violin’s starting to play.




The mice are going to bed now,


Tired out by the toil of the day.


But the cat is ready for breakfast,


He’s silently gearing to prey.




The stars twinkle steadily earthward,


Like old women observing your life.


They giggle and wink at your failures,


Then lovingly offer advice.




Then darkness is done with the farmland,


It slowly will simmer away.


Until nothing is left of the silver,


But the light of a brand new day.


Well, that’s it for today, folks.