Can I be the Bubble Queen?

I’ve always liked blowing bubbles. Something about seeing all those lovely orbs floating along in the wind and sunshine just makes me feel happy inside.


I’m sick right now, and so after Mom and I went to the doctor, we stopped in at good old “Grocery Depot” to get a few groceries, where Mom picked up a bubble gun. I think she meant to put it a drawer to give to some child in the future, but when I practically begged her for it, she gave it to me.


So now I have as many bubbles as I could possible want right at my fingertips. (Yes, I know, I could just use a regular bubble blower thingy, but my bubble gun is way more fun, and way less messy.) So I sit on the picnic table, and I fill the air with copious amounts of shiny soap bubbles that scare the cats and go floating over the treetops, and I imagine that I’m the Queen of Bubbles.

BTW, Emily, Mom, and I are bringing the Month Of Posting back again. You can check out Emily’s blog here, and Mom’s blog here.



3 thoughts on “Can I be the Bubble Queen?

  1. Have you every blown bubbles when it’s cold outside? The bubbles last forever. Blowing bubbles on a sunny day when there is snow on the ground is magic.

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