Disney Outfits and Such

So, I sat down at the computer and was suddenly struck by the fact that I need to post today. And I have no idea what to post about. None. Nada. So I’ll probably end up just rambling about who knows what.

And now I’m just sitting here with nothing even to ramble about. Maybe I can find a picture. Oh, I just thought of something.

A few months ago, I decided to try to dress in Disney inspired outfits for a week, and I took pictures of it, and I just decided to share it with you. Here goes.



Cinderella Collage


Jane Collage


Anna Collage


Rapunzel Collage




Anyway, that’s it folks.



9 thoughts on “Disney Outfits and Such

    1. Darn that spell check….I said “thank you, thank you!” I’m sitting here with a newly broken foot, and I so appreciate a cute funny distraction!

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