MOP April 29: Kidnapping and Driver’s Licenses

So, one day (Monday) I was just walking along living my life when suddenly three of my friends, Janane, Deana, and Ashley,

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Walked up to me and announced that they were kidnapping me for a belated birthday bash. I was completely and utterly astounded. First they blindfolded me,Displaying 2015-04-27 15.50.32.jpg

And took me to a frozen yogurt place,

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Where my phone promptly died.

After that we went bowling. Since it was a Monday afternoon, we were the only ones there, which was kind of nice.

Then we did some shopping, got some pizza, and went to Deana’s house where we just sat around and talked for a while. Then Ashley drove us all home.

The End.


I forgot to tell you my most exciting news of the week.

I, Jennifer Anne Smucker, now have my driver’s license!!!

Anyway, I think that’s it.

Oh wait, here’s a selfie of me pretending like I’m driving when I’m really parked in my driveway.

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And showing my surprise that I actually passed the test and stuff.


Jenny Smucker Tries a Fashion Post

I’m not quite sure how, but my Disney Outfits post got over 2,300 views in one day. Needless to say I was quite astonished. Emily recommended that I try another fashion post. So, here we go.

Today, I had a dress rehearsal for a choir I’m in, and while I didn’t actually have to dress up, I did have to be on my feet and moving and singing for about four straight hours. Anyway, here’s what I wore.


Shirt: Garage Sale $1

Skirt: Hand-me-down from my sister

Socks: Hand me down from my mother

Shoes: Payless Shoe Source $39.99


I think that’s it folks.


Birthdays and Thrift Hauls

So, tomorrow’s my birthday, and I’m going to be turning sixteen. I’m kind of freaking out, because I do not feel prepared to be a sixteen year old person. I thought maybe I could make myself feel better by writing a list of some things I’m looking forward to about being 16.

1. I’ll be able to get my driver’s license. I have my permit, but I’m looking forward to driving on my own.

2. Sixteen seems to roll off the tongue better that fifteen. If someone asks how old I am, saying “I’m sixteen.” just feels better than saying,”I’m fifteen.”

3.I’ll be able to get a job outside of working for my mom. I couldn’t really get a job before, because I couldn’t drive myself around, but now I’ll be able too.

4. I’ll have more responsibility, and with that, more privileges.

Yeah, that’s all I can think of besides, like, presents.

In other news, I’ve been doing a of of second hand shopping recently and found quite a few nice things. I shall share them with you.

First, sorry for the fuzzy pictures, I took them in a hurry and wasn’t bothering to get them nice looking.

From Goodwill I got a grey maxi skirt,


and a sweatshirt that says, “Not All Who Wander Are Lost.”


From St. Vinnie’s I got orange sandals


A denim skirt,


And a flannel shirt. Actually the one is from a garage sale. But the other is from Vinnie’s.


And lastly, from a random little secondhand boutique I got a black jacket,


And a sleeveless blouse.


Anyway, that’s it.


MOP April 14: Oh Dearie Me

Oh dearie me, Oh dearie me,

What shall I blog about today?

About the weather patterns strange

Or funny things my siblings say?*



Of cats and dogs and sheep and hogs

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And new pianos tuned

Of shooting things and bats with wings

Displaying 2015-04-12 14.55.09.jpg

And Smucker voices boomed.


And still I cannot seem to think

Of something good  to say,

So maybe this’ll do for now,

And I can say, “Good Day.”


*Me: Oh, I need to wrap Ashley”s birthday present.

Emily: I’m gettin’ her socks, I’m gettin’ her books, I’m gettin’ her everything she likes to looks… at.

Me: What?

Emily: I was rapping your present.



Disney Outfits and Such

So, I sat down at the computer and was suddenly struck by the fact that I need to post today. And I have no idea what to post about. None. Nada. So I’ll probably end up just rambling about who knows what.

And now I’m just sitting here with nothing even to ramble about. Maybe I can find a picture. Oh, I just thought of something.

A few months ago, I decided to try to dress in Disney inspired outfits for a week, and I took pictures of it, and I just decided to share it with you. Here goes.



Cinderella Collage


Jane Collage


Anna Collage


Rapunzel Collage




Anyway, that’s it folks.


MOP April 2: An Apology and a Poem

First off, I want to apologize for not posting in so long. But, hopefully I will change and start posting more now that I’m not quite so busy.

So, my sister Emily came up with the idea that the Smucker ladies with blogs should blog every week day in April. She will post every other day, and my mother and I will alternate on the other days. It would be called Month Of Posting, or MOP for short. You can find their blogs here: and here:

            Last week 17 students from our school drove up to the ACE Regional Student Convention in Newberg, Oregon. (If you don’t know what that is, it’s a thing where a bunch of ACE schools get together and compete in different things.) One of the categories I entered was Poetry Writing, and I won first place! I was really excited, scratch that, I still am really excited. Anyway, I thought I would share my poem with you.

No Man, Lord

By Jenny Smucker

I really should be killed, they said,

 For all that I had done.

But to be sure, they’d ask the man

Who claimed to be God’s son.


“Master,” they said, “This woman here

 “In sinful act was caught.

“While Moses said she must be killed,

“We want to know your thoughts.”


The man before me, Jesus Christ,

 Knelt down upon the sand,

And with a contemplating air,

Wrote letters with his hand.


They pestered him, and he stood up,

His hands covered in dirt.

He said, “Let him who has not sinned,

“First cast a stone at her.”


Then one by one they dropped their stones,

Convicted of their sin.

And slowly wandered off until

They left just me and Him.


Then Jesus stood, reached out his hand,

And pulled me to my feet.

“Woman, where are thine accusers,

Hath no man condemned thee?


I cried “No man, Lord” and He said

What no man’d said before,

“Neither do I condemn thee,

“Go and sin no more.”

Anyway, I must be off,