My Mom Wrote a Book and You Might get it for Free

This is my mother. Her name is Dorcas Smucker.

IMG_2433 B

She writes articles in a local newspaper. And every once in a while she takes a bunch of articles that she’s written and she puts them into a book. She just published a new book. It’s called¬† Footprints on the Ceiling, and it looks like this.


Now, since she just published her book, she’d doing a blog tour thingy, and I just so happen to be one of those blogs that is touring her book. Is that the word I want, touring? I don’t thing it is. Featuring? Maybe. I don’t know, but I think you get the gist of what I’m trying to say.

So, as one of the blogs on the blog tour, it is my responsibility to tell you about this book and convince you to buy it. But before I do, if I’ve already convinced you to buy it, put a check for $15 in an envelope and send it to:

31148 Substation Drive,

Harrisburg, OR 97446

If you live outside of the US, send an email to my mother at And say “Hey Dorcas. Your new book looks fascinating, but your daughter says that I can’t mail you an order unless I live in the US. I really want a copy so please send me one. etc.”

Her other books are Tea and Trouble Brewing, Downstairs the Queen is Knitting, Upstairs the Peasants are Revolting, and Ordinary Days. Tea and Trouble Brewing is $15 and the others are $10. I’m not very sure about the availability of the other books, so if you one or all of them, email Mother.

Footprints on the Ceiling¬† is a collection of essay-like articles about day-to-day life in our family. And I usually end up crying when I read them, because they are just so honest, heartfelt, and happy. (By the way, Mom, if your reading this, if I cry over a book that means it’s good. So don’t be offended because I said that it makes me cry.) Plus, if you buy this book and read it, you could find out things about me that I would never be willing to tell you. But, in all seriousness, you should buy this book, because it is good, and if you don’t I may or may not find you and steal all your right shoes. And if you only have a left leg, I’ll steal one sock out of every pair.

Okay, Bye.

I’m going to do a giveaway of FOTC. I’ve never done a giveway before, so if I do this terribly wrong, I’m sorry.

So, if you want a free copy of FOTC comment on this post, and tell me what you like the most about your feet. Or, you can just comment something else, I don’t mind. Anyway, as soon as you comment you’ll be entered into a drawing-like thing. If your comment gets randomly chosen, you’ll get a free book! So, go comment.

Oh, and the deadline is Midnight, Pacific Time, November 14, 2014 A.D.

Okay. Bye.

(For real this time.)