Ramblings on School and Swans

I feel Canadian when I wear a flannel shirt. But I’m not Canadian, which is sad, because Canadians are pretty awesome. Except for Justin Beiber. I’m not really a fan of his. In fact, everyone in my family is Canadian except me and Steven.(Sidenote: My grammar was probably very incorrect in that sentence but I’m too tired to think of the right way to say it.)
School started again and I am a junior. I also have a whole lot of schoolwork. Seriously, I have seven goals. It is pretty much impossible for me to have more because they wouldn’t fit on my goalchart. If you’re unfamiliar with ACE and don’t know what a goalchart is, it’s this thing.

Sorry, it’s quite blurry, and I was too lazy to flip it around.

Anyway, as you can maybe make out through all the fuzziness of that picture, my goalchart is full of subjects. The subjects just happen to be Geometry, Algebra II, English, Chemistry, Geography, Health, and Old Testament Survey. My favorite is probably Geography, although Geometry is a close second, and my least favorite is Old Testament Survey. It sounds pretty horrible when I say that Old Testament Survey is my least favorite because it’s like, studying the Bible which is God’s Word. Really, I like studying the Bible, I just don’t like the ridiculous amount of time it takes to get a day’s work done in Old Testament Survey.

One time, I asked myself and my cousin Allison, “If you could be any animal in the world, what animal would you be.” After much debate, we decided that it would be best to be a swan, because swans are pretty, they can fly, waddle, and swim, and people don’t eat swans as much as they eat other birds. In fact, I’ve haven’t really heard about anyone eating a swan in the past while. But maybe people eat swans and I just don’t know anything about it. Now I’m unsure of myself and I’m googling it. Okay, so apparently you CAN eat swans, but generally people don’t. Oh, and also sometimes they attack children. When I read that I was reminded of that scene in Gilmore Girls where Michel refuses to take the swan to the pond because he was attacked by swans as a child.Moving on… so I asked my 97 year old grandfather the same question. He said that he would probably be a cow, because of all the good things they did for people, they provided milk, meat, and hide, and they could do work. Then I kind of felt selfish for wanting to be a swan because it’s pretty and it doesn’t get eaten.

But If I was a swan, I hope I would never attack children, or adults, or anybody for that matter.

Am I the only one feeling like I’m rambling? Because, I’m pretty sure I’m rambling. I should get some sleep. Then maybe I’d stop rambling. Oh Dear.