Oregon Museum of Science and Industry

             Yesterday, roughly 40 students and 8 teachers/parents climbed into a big bus and set out for Portland. I was one of those students. We were headed for the OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry) on an all-school field trip. The bus felt crowded.Image

I was excited when we finally got there.Image

 Once we got our groups figured out, and we had all used the bathroom, we hurried to a chemistry lab thingy where we had to wear goggles.


    We would have stayed and done experiments but the goggles gave Janane a headache.

    After that we did a few puzzle thingies, then we had to hurry to go tour a submarine. There were a lot of switches and buttons and torpedoes, none of which we were allowed to touch.


 After that we marched over to the gift shop, were we petted the stuffed animals, oohed and aahed  over the cute clothes, and found all these gadgets that we never knew we needed but couldn’t buy because we forgot our filthy lucre. (I’m calling money filthy lucre now.)

 At exactly one o’clock, we picked up our pairs of 3D glasses and watched a documentary in a theater there. It was about monarch butterflies and their migrations and the guy who discovered the patterns of their migrations. I enjoyed it, even though I looked ridiculous in my glasses.


     After that we just kind of wandered around.


  In one room there was what looked like half of a house/kitchen thing.Image

You were supposed to find four ways to save energy. After Deana and I found them all, she showed them to Janane. While she showed her around, I went around to the other side of the window and scared them both. Then I sat on the floor and pretended to be Romeo while Deana stayed in the window and pretended to be Juliet. Janane took pictures.Image

 Then we got all our stuff together, climbed back on the bus, and headed home. Image


 All in all, I had a fun trip.

Hopefully, I’ll write to all you lovelies again soon.


Birthdays and Shoes

       I have a bad habit. When it’s my birthday and no one is saying “Happy Birthday!” to me, I just walk up to someone and tell them it’s my birthday. Yesterday was my birthday. I got presents. That made me feel all glow-y inside. Except, then I got a bad cold so I didn’t feel as glow-y inside. Now I’m fifteen. Yikes. My sister Amy sent me a birthday email from way over in Thailand. I almost cried.  It was very sweet. 

      I’ve always admired people that could take ugly things and make them pretty. Like God, or those really crafty/pinterest-y people. So today, when I saw a semi-ugly pair of white old lady-ish shoes, I decided to get them and try to make them pretty. I wrote several lines from Oh, The Places You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss on them with a permanent marker. Them I took out the white-but-partly-brown shoelaces and threaded the shoelace holes with red ribbon. This is how they turned out.Image

The shoes say ” You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.”


Well, dearies, my mother is in need of my assistance so I must bid you farewell.