Christmas is Coming, the Geese are getting fat.

  Well, it’s just two days until Christmas. Everyone is home from their wanderings. Except Matt. He came out for Thanksgiving instead of Christmas. Anyway, having everybody here made me remember some wonderful Christmases of times past. I decided that maybe I should share some with you.

  When I was three or four my parents got me a bitty baby for Christmas. I thought it was just the bees knees. I named it Tyler because someone in my church had just had a baby named Tyler. Then I decided that Tyler probably wasn’t appropriate so I gave it some random name that I don’t remember. That doll had so many crazy names that I can’t possibly remember them all.

   Another time my brother Ben gave me a teddy bear that was about the same size as me. He wrapped it in a trash bag. If you squeezed it’s left paw it would make a squeaking sound. I named it Growler. I used to use him for a pillow.

  About three weeks before Christmas one year, my dad flew off to Kenya to finish the adoption process for adopting my older brother Steven. By some miracle everything was finished up before Christmas and Dad and Steven arrived on the night before Christmas. Since Mom didn’t want Steven to be jealous of the rest of our presents everyone, except for Dad and Steven, opened their presents on Christmas Eve. Dad and Steven opened their presents on Christmas Day. I was really upset because I didn’t get to open any presents on Christmas Day. I was all in tears about this when Emily, my older sister, took me aside and handed me a pair of sunglasses all wrapped up in tissue paper. I still get all warm and bubbly inside thinking about that.

  A few years ago my family took a trip to a little resort-y town-y thing called Sunriver during that space between Christmas and New Years Day. I had just gotten a teddy bear and named it Tami. I wrote out a long list of what she did and didn’t like. It looked like this:


                      Likes                                          Dislikes

                 Falling                                          Matt

              Being thrown in the air                      Ben

                Bread Crumbs                             Steven

                  Mom                                      Crushes

                  Jenny                                        Cars

               Amy                                              Being a Pillow

                Emily                                           Choking

             Snow                                        *insert the names of two boys in

                                                              my school that I really didn’t

                                                             like at all*

I spent most of my time in Sunriver playing with Tami, watching the endless Settlers of Catan games or building snowmen.

 I have other memories but most of them are just too mixed together in my mind for me to sort out.

Merry Christmas!



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