Potatoes and Waltzes

My parents went  out of state last week. It was just me, Amy, Ben, and Steven at  home. Meals were always very casual and uneventful. Except one night, I pulled the meatloaf and potatoes that had been given to my mother and promptly frozen out of the oven and realized that the meat loaf was not done. The potatoes were but apparently the meatloaf was uncooked before that point and my mother didn’t realize that when she gave me directions on how long to heat up the food. So, while the meatloaf was cooking longer, I decided to eat some potatoes. They were horrible. They had been already cooked. Apparently it is taboo in the cooking world to freeze cooked potatoes. My mother didn’t know that. Oh well, now we know for next time.

One night, Amy decided to teach me how to waltz. I don’t remember exactly why. So Amy showed me how you step and all that jazz. Them I pulled Ben over and showed him how to waltz. We were waltzing around the living room when suddenly Ben shouted  “FREESTYLE” and we broke into completely random and made up dances. We laughed until we couldn’t laugh anymore. Then we just sat there sighing blissfully.

Sometimes when I’m around people, I get all happy and hyper. I don’t really know why, but I’ve dubbed the disorder “Hyper Around Lots of People Syndrome.” Someday I will become a scientist and find a cure for it and win a Nobel Peace Prize thingy. Maybe.

I need to go attend to my fish named Poseidon.


Free Stuff

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