Critters Eat Cat Food

  I haven’t posted anything in far too long because, alas, I can’t think of anything to post about.

  I just ate some vanilla ice cream with strawberries. It was really yummy.

  Apparently all the time I spent typing is paying off because I am typing faster now. YAY!

 My cousin Allison, who is only two months younger than me, stayed at my house for a weekend while her parent went up to Washington for an ordination. We had fun.Image

   The weather has been sunny some of the time and cloudy some of the time. But mostly cloudy.

  Lots of critters have been eating our cat food. So far we’ve had multiple skunks, multiple racoons, a stray cat, and an opossum who absolutely refuses to play dead. But we finally started using a big dog dish instead of a sour cream container for the cat food. So now all the critters in the land can come eat the cat food. As long as they leave plenty for the cats, that is.

Well, I’m off to play a rousing game of boggle with some expert boggle players.


I spent the past two days in Astoria with my sisters and my mom. We drove out bright and early Tuesday morning and got there at about 11:30 a.m. We couldn’t check into our hotel room right away but we had gotten vouchers for certain museums with the hotel rooms and we wanted to pick those up. Us girls sat in the car and watched through the window as Mom waited for the front desk lady to get off the phone, filled out forms with a pen that had a huge fake lily taped to it, and finally proceeded to the car with our tickets in hand.

First we went to the Flavel House, a restored house from the 1800’s.IMG_0379

I was beautiful. We wandered through the house and snickered to ourselves every time we saw the strange-looking toilets. Emily walked quite a bit faster than the rest of us and had looked through the whole house before we had even finished looking at the downstairs.

When we finished looking at the Flavel house it was pouring rain. We dashed as fast as we could over to the Film Museum where we made several minute-long videos. Me and Emily were playing criminals who had just stolen a baby whale from an aquarium. When Mom The Police Woman came up behind us we quickly put on our disguises. Emily was a viking whereas I was a scarecrow. Willie Jr., the baby whale, leaped  towards Mom while Emily and I ran off. When we finally arrived at “home” we acted relieved until Mom popped up from under a table. Then we punched her with boxing gloves and ran off.

After our exciting escapades with baby whales we headed over to the Riverwalk Inn to check in. Our room had a balcony that was right over a little bay-type-thing in the Columbia River.


Emily and I had one room and Mom and Amy had the other one.

The next morning we drove out to the Astoria Column. We climbed all 164 steps to the top and threw little wooden airplanes off the balcony.


I made an arrow to show you where my airplane is but you can’t see it very well.

Later we went to the Heritage Museum but I thought that was really boring so I don’t have a lot to say about it.

We did a LOT of thrift store shopping but I didn’t get anything.

Our last stop before we went home was Fort Stevens. It was really cool. We saw the wreckage of a ship called the Peter Iredale and explored  old army barracks. Amy and I sang really loudly in echo-y places.