Typing and Thai Cafes

  I should have written a blog post a long time ago. I just didn’t want to for some reason.

  I have to type 15 minutes every day for school work. So I’m trying to type without looking but I’m making a whole bunch of mistakes. Grr.

  School has been going on for exactly four weeks. That means were one-ninth (I hyphenated the compound fraction like the first of the four hyphen rules in my English told me to.) of the way through the school year. I still have to memorize a bunch of rules, but the rules are getting easier to memorize.

 I was just looking through my pictures from when our family went to Thailand and I found this picture.Image

It’s of a coffee shop in Thailand called the Volkswagen Cafe. It is a pretty cool place.


I hope your day is wonderful!

Church Camp and Such

Last weekend we had church camp. There was a lot of yummy food and volleyball.

I stayed in a cabin with the youth girls even though I’m not in the youth group yet because it was the only place for me to stay. In the morning I walked right into the bunk beds because it was pitch black in the cabin and I had lost my flashlight.

In the middle of church camp some friends and I left to go to a graduation. Yes, it was a graduation in September. I’m sure the graduates had a perfectly logical explanation for that. It was very different than what I’m used to. It was definitely not a Conservative Mennonite graduation. But it was fun.

This little girl fell off a swing and broke her arm. She didn’t let that stop her from having fun.Image

I don’t know if I have anything else to say on the subject of Church Camp.


P.S. Thank you, Amy for letting me steal your picture.

How my Family Would Look With Beards

Today I tried to imagine people in my family with beards. Then I used pictures and used paint to give the people in the pictures beards. I thought the results were funny. So I decided to post the pictures on my blog.

Mom and Dad.















Matt actually had a beard at one point so I’ll just post a picture of that.


Well, it was sort of a beard. Close enough anyway.

School and Such

  School started on Tuesday. I was excited but not excited at the same time. It wasn’t as horrible as I thought it would be. I am a sophomore this year. So I decided to make a list of the top 5 things I like about being a sophomore.

5. I like saying sophomore.

4. I’m taking New Testament Survey. And it’s really easy.

3. I’m taking Algebra 1 and it makes me feel smart.

2. My best friends are sophomores with me.

1. It means I’ll be a senior in two years.

  In my English today I had to memorize a bunch of rules about capitalization.  It was annoying because, for the most part, I know the rules of capitalization. I just don’t know the exact words that I’m supposed to be able to write down on a test.  

  Our school finally got a volleyball net for our gym-like structure. That makes me happy because volleyball is my favorite sport right now. I’m not very good at it but I’m getting better.  The school’s volleyball is a really bad one and it hurts like crazy if you hit it wrong. I keep forgetting to take my volleyball with me to school. My volleyball hurts way less. I like it. Steven got it for me for my birthday.

I can’t think of anything else to write about so I’ll just stop writing.