Bees, Ducks, and Corn

  I decided that I want to keep bees. When I asked my mom if I could, everyone in my family laughed at me because I’m scared of yellow jackets. So I told them that I’m scared of yellow jackets, not honeybees, and I want to raise honeybees. My dad said that I might be able to raise bees but I wouldn’t make hardly anything off of them unless I raised a whole bunch. He also said that I have to raise flowers for the bees. I hope I can get bees.

  The Oregon Ducks are playing their first football game right now. They are playing Nicholls. I don’t know if I spelled that right.  I am listening to it while I write this post. Right now the Ducks are winning 24 to 3. YAY!! GO DUCKS!!! The Ducks just scored again. YAY!! So now it 31 to 3.

  We did corn today. We husked it, boiled it, cut it, creamed it, and put it in bags. It was exhausting and sticky. Afterwards Amy made us all quesadillas. They were yummy.

  I hope your day is absolutely wonderful.

Calculators are Dangerous and Doors are Boring

 I got a new calculator for school. It came with an instruction manual. The instruction manual had some warnings in it. They made me laugh. I’ll share my favorites with you.

  • Do not carry the calculator around in your back pocket, as it may break when you sit down. The display is made of glass and is particularly fragile. (This reminds me of that scene in Sabrina where David Larrabee sits on the champagne flute and hurts his rear.)
  • Do not drop it or apply excessive force. (Duh!)
  • Never dispose of batteries in a fire. (Duh again.)
  • (This one made me laugh the hardest. It also kind of scared me.) For the sake of you health, try not to use this product for long periods time. If you need to use the product for an extended period , be sure to allow your eyes, hands, arms, and body adequate rest periods (about 10-15 minutes every hour). If you experience any pain or fatigue while  using this product, discontinue immediately. If the discomfort continues, please consult a doctor.

  Wow. I had no idea that calculators were so delicate and dangerous. You learn something new every day I guess.

  The manual is written in English on one side, And on the other side it’s written in only numbers. I guess some people only speak in numbers and need calculators to write stories or something.

  I just spun around in my chair with my eyes closed and my finger pointed and decided that I would write about whatever I was pointing at when the chair stopped spinning. I was pointing at a door. It is a white-colored door on one side and a cream-colored door on the other side. It has a door knob that looks like it’s made of crystal but it’s actually made of glass (Don’t tell). Normally it’s held open by a stone hippopotamus named Vergil. The door is a little bit boring, but don’t tell it I said that or it might hurt its feelings.



When nothing very exciting happens, I have trouble thinking of stuff to write about.

Yesterday I was mowing the grass in the orchard, and I almost hit Billy and Bobby but they ran off into the blackberry bushes. I don’t really like mowing the the orchard because sometimes I hit my head on the branches. It hurts when I hit my head on the branches and sometimes it takes my veil off.

I found a doll today when I was looking though the toy box I used when I was little. My grandma had made it for me years ago but I hadn’t played with it for quite some time. It has brown hair, blue eyes, and very red lips. I don’t remember what It’s name was so I’ll probably have to give it a new one. I also found lots of teddy bears, three pigs, two bunnies, three monkeys, a giraffe, a tiger, two dogs, a firefly, a caterpillar, and multiple dolls.

This is a really  short post but I can’t think of anything else to say.


Sunshine, Sand, and Sisters

Sunday night, Amy said to me and Emily, “Do you want to go to the coast tomorrow?” And we said “Why not?” So we did. It was beautiful.Image

When we got to the beach, we took silly pictures and stuff. Then Amy realized that she had dropped her key in the sand. Amy didn’t have a spare key. We looked and looked but we couldn’t find it. All our money,food, and cell phones were locked into Amy’s car. Eventually after many prayers were prayed and lots of sand was sifted though, Amy found it. Once the key was found and the food was taken out of the car, we roasted hot dogs and marshmallows on the beach.IMG_0241 Then Amy and I walked on the beach while Emily slept.

After that we drove to the bay front and bought salt water taffy and looked at art galleries.

Eventually we got hungry and ate supper at Mo’s.IMG_0272 It was delicious.

After we left Mo’s we watched the sunset. Then we drove back home.

Garage Sales and Bulletin Boards

I like to go to garage sales. It makes me feel warm and bubbly inside. Yesterday there were about 30 garage sales in one neighborhood. Mom and I had fun looking and buying stuff. I got two pairs of shoes for a very good price.ImageImage

I am very happy with my shoes.

I don’t really have anything to talk about that’s relevant so I’ll just talk about something random.

I just spun around in my chair with my eyes closed and my finger pointed and when the chair stopped, I was pointing at a bulletin board. I guess I’ll tell you about it. It is of average bulletin board size. On the left side of it there are keys strung on ribbons. On the right side of it there are little pieces of writing wisdom for my mother. Although i don’t know why she has them up there because, as far as I know, I’m the only one who ever bothers to look at the bulletin board much. Somewhere toward the bottom is a postcard I stuck on just to see if anyone would notice that I had stuck it on. Nobody did.

Hares Have Fur

Today, Emily asked me what the difference between hair and fur was. I didn’t know. So I googled it. I’m still not sure what the difference is. Hair and fur have the same chemical composition, but hair tends to be softer and silkier, and it isn’t shed regularly like fur. Plus fur is usually  on animals, and hair is usually on humans.

I have started writing verses on the sidewalk with sidewalk chalk but mom keeps washing them away with the sprinkler. 

I think hares are pretty awesome. They’re like bunnies, only they’re faster, taller, and have bigger ears. I especially like jackrabbits because they’re hares but they have rabbit in their name. So they have the wrong names, like the watchdogs in The Phantom Tollbooth, or Billy and Bobby if they’re actually girls.

I watched a video about mirrors. It was pretty awesome. It was trying to explain what color a mirror is. It turns out that mirrors are like a special kind of white, but they’re also a little bit green. Weird.

This is a very random post. It was random because there is nothing going on in the Smucker household that takes more than a few sentences to write about.

My grandma on my dad’s side had her 80th birthday a few days ago. Obviously this calls for a gathering of the Smuckers. So yesterday all the Smuckers gathered at church for lunch, softball, and preparation for Grandma’s open house birthday party the next day.  After the yummy lunch, everybody headed over to my aunt Rosie’s house for supper. Allison and I convinced our brothers to give us under-dogs on the really cool swing.ImageImage

We ate supper and it was yummy.ImageImage

Kara drove Jocelyn around it a little car thing and I think Jocelyn was pretty freaked out.Image

Then it got cold so we went inside and sang.

Today grandma had an open house birthday party after church. Allison and I were the guestbook attendants. The food was really yummy. Again.

There was a picture of my grandma when she was my age. Lots of people said it looked like me. So I put a picture of her picture and a picture of me together.Image

I decided that I think we look a little bit alike but not a lot.

I’ll give you one last picture. Because she’s just so cute.Image

Muffins and Disasters

For the most part, I like recipes. Just recently, I tried two new recipes.

The first one was a blueberry muffin recipe. It turned out really well.The muffins were all eaten up before the day was over. You can find the recipe here.

Just yesterday I tried to make homemade sidewalk chalk. I found a recipe for them that just used water, cornstarch, and food coloring. They didn’t turn out well. It fact it was kind of a disaster. After I mixed the ingredients together and poured the mixture into a muffin tin, I had to wait for them to dry. ImageI’m not a very patient person so I decided to stick the muffin tin in the oven. But then it baked instead of just drying. They ended up looking like partly cooked egg yolks and they didn’t even make a nice chalk line. I think next time I’m going to try a better recipe. Even if the ingredients are more expensive.


Vacation Bible School

Last night was the first night of Vacation Bible School. At 6:30 p.m. 83 kids walked into the church singing “Come to Bible School”. After we learned our theme, our theme song,and where our offering money would be going to, we headed back to our classes.

Our class was a lot bigger than anyone expected it to be.There were at least 20 students, but there was only one teacher. So Kevin, our teacher, brought his wife, Jean, and she helped him.

After we had discussed what happened leading up to the book of Acts, our superintendent, Konrad, came to tell us that it was time for recess.

After recess we ate yummy food and then we talked about what happened at Pentecost.

Soon it was time to go sit back in the sanctuary and find out who had brought more money that night, the girls or the boys. The boys did. They brought $47, and the girls only brought $17. I think the girls will beat tonight though. They usually do.