Blogs, bunnies, and Greek gods

I was having a boring day. So I said to Emily, ” Let’s do something exciting!”

And she said, “Why don’t you start a blog?” So I did.

There are two bunnies that I pretend are my pet bunnies but are really wild bunnies. I decided to name them Billy and Bobby. They are twins. At least, I think they are. Billy and Bobby seem to only be afraid of three things. Those things are humans, birds, and occasionally each other. Since I’m human Billy and Bobby are scared of me and I can’t take pictures of them. I think that maybe either Billy or Bobby is a girl. Or both of them are. But if they are, they’re already stuck with their boy names so they’ll just have to survive.

I have a fish. His name is Poseidon. I named him after a Greek god. Is it okay by the Mennonite rules to name an animal after a Greek god? I hope so because I want to get a bird and name it Zeus. And then maybe I’ll get an earthworm and name it Hades. But earthworms are probably really boring. But they don’t cost anything either. At least if you dig them up they don’t cost anything.